Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's All Downhill From Here! (but in a good way!)

Hey everybody!

After getting up to the halfway mark momentum has continued and we are 52.1% funded.  Yeah.

So it should be all downhill from here, right?  : D

The most recent push came in a darling little card with a wolf on the front.

The return address belonged to one Christel Elsen, a wee spirtfire of a German-born American young woman with a big personality and an even bigger laugh!  I have had the pleasure to get my butt kicked by her at Mario Party on more than one occasion and I look forward to catching up with her when I make it back to Chicago at the end of August. 

All of your continued contributions are making this a tag at the end of the Sojourn a real possibility!  : D

In addition to being super-fun and super-sweet, Christel is very active in her Sorority and is a certified teacher in the state of Illinois. Trust me, she's the kind of lady you'd want teaching your kids!

See you soon Christel!

And I look forward to bragging about more of you soon!



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