Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Hang Out

Hey Everybody!

In addition to telling you about yesterday's generous benefactors and letting you know that we are well over 31% funded (!), I wanted to say a few quick words about Hanging Out.

The first and most important thing to remember is that your Hang Out never expires.  Well, at least, it won't expire until I do!  So don't worry if you're not in SoCal or the O-H or Chi-town.

We will Hang Out.

We'll find a way to do it.  Hopefully sooner rather than later, but I will not close the XL or the blog until everyone's generous donation has been met in kind.  : D

Also, if you live far away or just feel like it, you can assign your Hang Out time to someone else.  A few folks have already told me they'd like to do that.  Great.  Just please explicitly tell me and the person to whom you're donating the time, so we can get them on the Calendar.

To date, only THE Joe Moran has claimed his Hang Out time and boy howdy did we have a good time!  Any other takers out there?  I'll be in LaLa until I fly out on 5.13 and I'm updating my the calendar wtih life conflicts, but I hope to see Hang Outs show up *soon*!

Multi-Hour Hang Outs do not have to be concurrent.

I'll have more information about other time commitments by April, 5th and I'll put in my rehearsal schedule, I suspect, after I get to Ohio.  And remember, you can always contact me directly if you want me to put your Hang Out in the calendar or if any of this is confusing.

The final reminder, and this seems self-apparent, but I've had some brain farts myself.  If you're logging in to the SSSSMLH2013 calendar, you have to log out of your google account (if you have one) to see it.

Just don't want anyone to get frustrated.

And now the second part of today's entry is a big shout out to:

Chris Rainey:  Math Teacher Extraordinaire, Baseball Coach and Athletic Director at Yellow Springs High School now retired.  He was one of my favorite teachers and one of the few who regularly shut down my obnoxious teenage self and did his best to teach me in a class in which I had no business being (I'm looking at you Advanced Math. Oy!)  I remember Mr. Rainey's booming voice, wry worldview and kindness.  I just found out he also writes for SABR.  If you like baseball, have a look.

Tamara Uribarri (nee Brenno): was Desiree's little sister when my clique used to kick around the Springs.  She was around a lot and mostly quiet, but there was always a twinkle in her eye and I knew she had something going on.  Still waters run deep.  She went on to get a Master's degree in Creative Writing.

Vanessa Brenchley (nee Ballam): is a former Miss Utah, prolific performer, educator and another former student who has long-since surpassed me.  I met her when she was studying for an MFA at IU. Work with Vanessa was always easy and, as her instrument was already so well trained, we had more of a colleague's relationship.  When the beam is sturdy the intricate carving is easier to approach.  We haven't spoken for some time but her Social Networking says she's now in Anchorage.

I look forward to hearing that story.

Traycee King: Horror Buff, Hot Tattooed Proud Geek Girl and My Not-So-Secret # 1 Crush, Traycee is the CEO and Owner of Kitty Quilt Pictures through which she just released the last episode of 8.13 which has been selected to screen in the LA Web Fest at 10pm on Thursday March 28th.  I was fortunate enough to cut off her head in The Lion's Den.

                                                    That's not Traycee, but that is the 
                                                    8.13 set.  Hee hee. 

Wonder what she has in store for us next?

Don't I know some cool people?

*buffs nails on his lapel*

Until next time . . .



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