Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Herpes of the Craft World . . .

Yes.  I'm talking about glitter.

Glitter that this girl put in the envelope she mailed to me.

                                                             I'm the one in the balaclava; Ally's in coconuts.

In case you've never done it, it's a way to make sure someone thinks about you a lot as the recipient will find f#@!ing glitter in and around their domicile for months if not years later.

I have been the recipient of glitter mail many times.  Thank you for the latest infraction of decorum Ally Wetz.

Ally is blonde and F-U-N, FUN!

I met her at Sinclair when she stage managed Macbeth.

She has since relocated to Chicago and is holding down the fort S&Ming and Actoring.

I look forward to seeing her and her compatriots at the end of the summer.  : )

Who else will I see?  Hmmmm?



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