Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Leap and the net will appear.

Hey all!

I'm taking this advice from Mr. John Burroughs and fully committing to having this adventure in the coming months.

And it's all due to you lovely people!

As of last night funding reached 50.7%.

I had decided that when I reached the halfway mark I would buy my ticket to Ohio for the summer.  And so I have.  My itinerary is as follows:

There is still a ways to go, but I feel confident with this outpouring in this amount of time that I will be even more funded over the next 33 days.  Thank you all for giving me this clear show of support, be it through contributions or encouragement.

For best or better I will arrive in Dayton on the evening of Monday, May 13th ready to dive into work on A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM.

I have another number in mind before I purchase my out ticket, but I'm sure that will happen.  And remember if you can't donate now, I will accept any help until the end of the Sojourn - at least until the 16th of August.

Now who are the folks who helped us get over that 50% hump?

Brother James Czar: is a Creative Communicator, Promo/Marketing Guru, Bassist and Roustabout.  He convinced Naked & Shameless to play the Cincy Fringe Fest and I hope to catch one of his acts when I in town this summer. 

I also got a great howdy from my old friend Matt Roben!  Matt is a Clown, Actor, Acrobat, Nutritionist and all around Great Guy!  He knows unicycle, stilts, high fly and balance stuff and I've seen him do some pretty creepy balloons for N&S's leaving Chicago blowout at Strawdog no less!

He says we may go Bowling!  Yeah.

See y'all SOON!

For now, I might as well JUMP!



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