Tuesday, March 19, 2013

21.5% Yep you read that right! You are doing great!

Hey all!

After going a little over the top on my tipple for St. Pat's, we're back in the saddle and I have some more awesome folks to tell you about.

@bradleyfletcher is one of those guys who will always be around.  He's a rock and helps people consistently and meaningfully while still finding time to build @CEOtees from the ground up.  If you don't know CEO, you should figure it out, because they're shirts are awesome, high quality and they just *feel* nice.

I was in one of their commercials one time.  (1:31) Neat, huh?

And speaking of that commercial, David Groves directed it.  He's also done a bunch of other cool stuff including helping me toward my goal this summer.  Thanks Dave!

Miss Lindi Rubin, chipped in.  Lindi is an Actor, a Great Supporter and has been Re-Tweeting a ton!  Thank you!  She continues to bolster my courage and effusively supports the intrinsic morality and worthwhile necessity of this project.  It helps a lot to hear.

Also I've had more pledges than I can shake a stick at in recent days!

I hope to have more soon so I continue to brag about all of you incredible people . . .




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