Sunday, April 21, 2013

Big Thanks from last week!

Hey everybody!

Since I got to do some Hang Outs I didn't get a chance to say thanks to the folks who pushed the funding up to 60%.  Now that's some BIG Generosity!

First off, I want to say thank you to a couple that wish to remain Anonymous.  You know who you are.  You know how highly I regard you.  And I look at the time I will get to spend to you as an additional gift.  Thank you!

I also got a letter in the mail that looked like this with a check in it from the Wootten Family, one of my favorite families on the planet!  : D

Though I have not yet had the chance to meet Miss Miri, I spent a little time with Hank a couple years back.  Though he won't recall it, I do have photographic evidence of him connecting with me early on, well at least my hat!  ; )

Sam & Em, both former students, and steadfast friends, I have known much longer.

Sam is a wild and crazy guy, one of the founding members of Chicago dell'Arte.  He's a Bowie Freak, ex-lead singer of a funk band in Athens, and a great, enthusiastic actor.

                                                               Sam as John Wilkes Booth, collecting money for 
                                                              N&S at the Glamabilly Spectacular at Cal's Liquor 
                                                                                            in October of 2006

Sam runs the Tipping Point which his wife Emily co-owns in the Hampstead Community in Montgomery, Alabama.

Emily is no slouch herself when it comes to creative work.  I had the pleasure to work with her at the Act One Studios Certificate Program in Chicago where she and Sam moved after he graduated from IU.  Emily is a bubbly, vivacious and very dedicated actor.  She also has a beautiful singing voice, lending her pipes to some of the back-up tracks on the Mayberry STD record.

As you may have gathered, in addition to their pup, Lula, Sam and Em have two chilluns and a nice life downSouth that I don't get to traipse through enough.

Aren't they adorable? I hope to see them *very* soon! 

Thanks for everything Woottens.  Past, Present and Future!

I will see y'all SOON!



Funding: 62.2%

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