Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Box, Bottle & Play

Exciting News!

Zoot Theatre Company has posted a link about the Summer Series and the Box, Bottle & Play promotion.

This is an opportunity to have a picnic lunch (with or without a bottle of wine) in the Hale Cloister at the Dayton Art Institute as you watch one (or all!) of three plays produced by Zoot and DAI over the course of the summer!

                                                     (More about the Hale Cloister here.)

If you have specific questions about the Summer Series, you can find the answers here!

The official press release will go out on the 1st of May, but since you are all in the know, you get to click through these links now!  Neat, huh?

If you're not interested in the picnic, general admission tickets will be around $20 and both subscription and individual tickets will go on sale May 15th.

I hope you can join us this summer!



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