Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Forward! Fall Back!

Jen Maravegias, or Jen Vegas to all of us unwashed, is one of my favorite people.

She, like clockwork, always sends an email to remind her friends about Daylight Savings Time.  There's so much more to her, but that is a consistent quirk that means I get to think about her specifically twice a year.  A nice gift.

I met Jen through mutual friends when she worked production for Wing & Groove Theatre in Chicago which has since closed its doors, but I know she does database and cross platform marketing work.  She is one smart cookie! 

This is the image I always associate with her!  And with good reason.  She figured out years ago that a consistent image on web platforms helps people know it's you.  And it reminds you not bother her before she has her coffee.  : D

I look forward to seeing her and her family this summer.




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