Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mr. Zeederberg I presume . . .

To be honest, I don't know much about Jonathan Zeederberg, but I have enjoyed the few brief interactions we've had.  He seems like a nice fellow and it's good I feel that way as he is going to marry my sister.  ; )

What I do know is that JZ will bring some much needed international cred into our family (hee hee).  He is from Royal Tunbridge Wells and is currently living in the United Arab Emirates.  I look forward to hearing about all his other traveling as I know his family historically had ties in Africa and he likes animals

I also know he'll fit in nicely with my decidedly tech-focused familyI'm really a black sheep in that regardand that he and Cate (still getting used to that) will be settling where the visa system is the most welcoming.  And then I'll have to visit, right guys?  : D

                                              Look at that smile.  Poor guy doesn't know what
                                                             he's in for, eh?

The last thing I know is that Jonathan is very generous as he chose to throw in here and we barely know one another.  Thanks mate!

As for the rest of you, feel proud about the stats below.

We be jammin'!



Funding:                    70.2%
Days to Departure:   14

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