Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pledges Honored; Hang Out Complete

Hey y'all!

I'm moving a little slowly this morning as I completed my second Hang Out last night.

I hadn't seen Loyana Maria Garcia Vodicka in almost 4 years.  She recently got back from Atlanta and though she's a bit poke-happy on Facebook, we hadn't ever really talked so I was surprised when she bought me for a stretch and flexed her generosity.

As it turned out she was going to be at going to a birthday party at Bar Sinister in Hollywood so we decided my Hang Out would be to accompany her to that event.  I had obviously heard of this Goth institution but as I tend to avoid Hollywood Blvd on the weekends I had never been.

Loyana hit the 'Weird early to avoid traffic and stopped by my place for some pre-game drinks and chatting.

As Loyana is a bit of a rum enthusiast I had that covered with my still ample supply of cane liquor from my Buccaneer Days Birthday Adventure last year.  We talked about this and that I asked her why she had decided to donate so much to someone she doesn't know that well.  She told me that this is what she does.
She contributes to kickstarters and buys art and is generally a benefactor.

Hooray for her!  And lucky me.

I thanked her profusely and gave her the swag she was entitled to from her contribution and then, a couple libations in, we climbed into her 1961 Comet and headed over to Hollywood and Cherokee to find that Bar Sinister didn't open for another hour.  In the meantime, we grabbed another drink at Sinister's parent, the rather stately Boardners and waited for her friends to arrive.

And boy was I lucky that this was the night I went.  The line stretched around the corner, but being in a birthday party got us in the VIP line and also got us some free crappy Champagne and places to sit. 

I don't think I'd want to go to this club any other way.  Getting too old for that crap.  ; )

So thanks Cher and Happy Birthday!

If you haven't been to Bar Sinister, the club itself is large, nice and spooky enough replete with things like this altar of candles in the back fountain:

 And there are lots of half-naked people:

We caught a few more drinks and the birthday girl shook her tail feather before Loyana found some balloons:

And proceeded to suck out all of the helium which resulted in this:


After a little more horsing around, Loyana bought me a Tommy's burger (with none of that gods-awful chili baby poop) and had one herself to sober up for her ride back to the Valley.

It was a fun successful night and I got to go somewhere new and meet new people!

And maybe get a little red from too many random drinkies . . . ; )

Thanks Loyana!

My other honored pledge came from the one and only Bearded Jew, one David Mickler, coiner of the phrase: "A beard ain't nothin' but a rug on your face," the man responsible for the Take That Dude Festival and for any of us knowing about that seminal short film at all!  

                                                      as the Rabbi Photobaum, October, 2012

He's also a great photographer and film-maker and a general hoot to have around.  Mr. Mickler was the artist behind this gem a couple years back and we are eagerly awaiting his hip hop record.

When's that gonna drop sir?  I can't wait. 

It's people like this that are making this project possible.  

I'm a lucky, lucky guy.  : D

Enjoy your Sundays y'all!



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