Friday, July 12, 2013

3 for 3

Yesterday was slow and easy, just the way I like it.

Didn't do much during the day though I got some time with the folks and learned about the ULFBEHRT on a Nova station.  If you're a historty buff it's worth a look.  Plus my dad showed me this awesome ring his father had.  Crazy, right?

The weather was perfect.  The audience was small but engaged and we had a nice time doing FAUSTUS if that's even sensical.

After the show some of the usual suspects met at TJ Chumps where I was reminded of a local business name that always made me smile.

Then we hit up Chapter II for a moment before catching Cam's friend's band at One Eyed Jack's where we also played the world's worst game of pool and threw us some darts.

                                                                              Victoria "holds" Cam's drink

I was maybe out a little later than I should have been, but it was a nice night and it felt like summer.

Oh and I drunk dialed a bunch of people, in Chicago mostly.  At least the time change was in the right direction for once eh?  Sorry y'all . . .


Funding:                109.6%
Days in Ohio:         61
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