Sunday, July 7, 2013

O how this cheers my soul!

The day started off with impressive rains.  It's hard to capture, but you can see the view as we readied for rehearsal.  It was a strong enough downpour that I had to cover the good doctor so he wouldn't melt away between the car and the studio.

Once inside we had a long, sweaty, productive work session before two runs.  Then we had a cast function hosted by Mr. Sticka wherein we got to see Juliet and Kelsey though Andrew didn't make it.  It felt like we hadn't seen them in so long so it was nice to catch up.

Following a rollickin fun gathering I crashed with a friend and we talked long into the night.

Now I'm revving up for a tech and (likely another) two run day.

I'm getting excited for people to see this show!  Hope you can make it!


Funding:                109.6%
Days in Ohio:         56
Today is sponsored by TJ Schwab

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