Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Island is mine by Sycorax, my mother . . .


We finished blocking TEMPEST last night and then were able to stumble through the show.  It was a lot less shaky than I imagined it might be. AND I had access to a nearly completed Caliban.  

This puppet is awesome!

In case any of you have any foolish doubts about the genius that is D. Tristan Cupp, here are a few more process shots to the biggest new puppet of the series!  

Process Shot #1

 Process Shot #2

Process Shot #2 - alternate view

Pretty cool, eh?

I'm looking forward to getting together with Mr. Wizard and learning more of what this puppet is capable. It's obviously hard to gauge from inside the monster.  Different than looking at the side of Faustus' face, but a similar liberating limitation.  

I look forward to getting back at it tonight!

"I am full of pleasure!"  And I'm sure you will be too!

: D


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