Saturday, July 6, 2013

Town & Country

Actually that's a terrible title, but let me get back to that.

Friday was another rainy day, but a productive one.  I spent it handling personal matters with the help of Master McKnight and my parents.  Then we had another good visit with the NorCal Hardings before they headed West.  It was a nice surprise to see them once more before they departed.

I then spent some time working with the Dr. in a mirror and trying out a sound cue that *almost* works.

[And I would share some with you if the F^#!ng WeVideo didn't suck so much ass!  Arrrggh!]

The design for this show is more elaborate than the last and I think it will serve the production nicely.

In the evening I managed to finally meet up with my good friend Liz Williamson, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Aiken Center for the Arts.  She and I have been friends since our WSU days and, as Liz is a traveler, I've had the chance to see her several times in my many habitats.

Her year has been as eventful as mine and as she's leaving soon to move to South Carolina we were intent to  catch up.  It just so happened she came to Dayton on a First Friday and we had kind of randomly selected the Oregon District as a place to go last night.

We parked and then checked out the food truck rally across from Gilly's before running into the Reverend Tommy Gunn busking with the kids.  Then we ambled over to Lily's Bistro and checked out the food from my high school buddy, Executive Chef, Mariah Gahagan. Yum yum!  Check it out people!

Following that Liz and I wandered around checking out old and new haunts saying hello to Tommmy, Alice and the kids, running into Gary Leitzell and his fam before dipping in the Trolley Stop.  At Therapy Cafe we ran into a DJ from our (but especially Liz's) Asylum days.

Before the hip hop night got in full swing and made it impossible to talk at a reasonable volume Liz and I had a drink, which made me think of the stupid title of this blog.

Stupid only because both Liz and I are urban enthusiasts, though you can see she is far classier than me!  Leather & Lace maybe or the Beast & Beauty.  I dunno.  What do you think Liz?  How should we best be categorized?

After Therapy we stopped at the Southern Belle for a bit (one of my favorite spots in Dayton) and it looks like there's a cool spot that's going to open next door.  Our last stop was at Newcom's, a bar Liz said she frequented in college, though it's demeanor had changed and the whiff of piss when we walked in the door was overwhelming enough to drive us to the patio into the arms of a very drunk clientele, impressively so at 12:30am.  Come on Dayton, hold your liquor!  : D

That was all a backdrop for us catching up and we had a good visit.  I'm sorry we won't get many more opportunities to hook up this summer, but the Party Planner and I will always find a way to keep in touch.  Buona Fortuna on all your new adventures young lady!

Now it's off to a couple of long rehearsals.  Yay!

Hope your Saturday is productive as well!


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