Monday, July 8, 2013

Tech #1

I had a bit of lie in yesterday morning and then made my way to rehearsal in the cloister.

On the way I found this sign and it made me giggle.  I've never seen loitering enforced.

We had two solid runs and worked some scenes and I found all the holes I have to try to fill over the next couple of days.

After a quick bite at Lucky's with Brian and Cam I turned in fairly early and had a restless night full of 50's tunes, strange vistas and a melange of lines, jumbled, out-of-order and fighting for the top spot in my consciousness.  I'm not sure who won.

I'm weary but I'm ready to do what I can.

Wish me luck!


Funding:                109.6%
Days in Ohio:         57
Today is sponsored by Shawn Philip Michael DeLoache and TJ Schwab

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