Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We are such stuffe as dreams are made on . . .

Here are v.1 and v.2 of Prospero taking a break as we rehearse.

"Was the run that bad?" you ask.

Not a bit.  In fact, quite the opposite!  But it is still hot in the Zoot Studio and it is indeed a physical show. What started out as only 4 puppets is growing by the day, but I like the shape of the piece.

And below you see Cam and Anita as the lovers relaxing between scenes and showing off their Zoot pride.

It feels as though some of the heaviness of FAUSTUS has dropped away from all of us and we can actually begin to see TEMPEST.  It will be a nice way to round the series with a little sleep.

And I adore my puppet. Just sayin' . . .

After we worked the show Brian and I met with Michael and Tristan and we talked a bit about the successes and (few) failures of the summer and what the future might hold.  It was nice to be sounded and I hoped to stay connected to this innovative company down the line.

When I finally got home I slept like the dead.  I've got a few new sections of lines to put in my noggin, and then I'm working with Tristan for a bit this afternoon before rehearsal proper.  It's gonna be a long one for me, but I predict, endlessly satisfying.

See some of you later and the rest on the other side!

: )


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