Thursday, July 18, 2013

Make us strange stuffe.

As you may have noticed, yesterday's show as cancelled due to heat.

We all sure lucked out on that one.  Our booked ticket holders will attend on other days and we didn't get to the cloister until 6 to begin blocking TEMPEST.  As you can see below it was still pretty dang bright out and I can tell you it was still hot!

We got through blocking the beginning of the play and started to see how the puppets would interact in this piece.

Brian has some great ideas and the opening will be more than fine.  Can't wait to share it with you.

Cam tries out the Ariel Mock-Up as Mathys looks on

Brian directs Anita as Miranda as Tristan looks on 

JJ Parkey joins the cast as Prospero 
as Brian walks away, 
Anita sleeps as Miranda 
and Tristan's leg looks on 

The rest of my night was spent catching up on long overdue things and generally staying up too late only to be wakened by the sound of someone dragging metal on the road.  I will kill the "landscapers" in Valle Greene before the summer is done.  Mark my words.

Hope to see some of you at FAUSTUS today.  This play hardly *ever* gets produced.  And I'm the man.

But if not in the next four days do remember I'll livestream the show (as best I can) on Sunday @ 1pm EST.

Contact me directly for details.

Now more tomatoes and sugar.  (Ketchup)


Funding:                110.3%
Days in Ohio:         67
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