Saturday, July 27, 2013

Alone Time

I woke up this morning to rain pounding on the roof of the trailer.  It was a nice enclosed cocoon-y feeling and I didn't want to wake.  So I mostly didn't. I had all manner of mischief planned for the day, but instead I decided to stay put and listen to the water beat on the metal and plastic.

I've been feeling pensive lately and I'm trying to take moments to digest everything that's going on (or not going on) while I have the gift of the time to do so. I have you all to thank for that gift. Arigato.

Yesterday I spent most of the day kind of hanging around, enjoying being off (rehearsal, not my head) and then I took a stroll to five points so I could visit the credit union &tc. This was the view during most of my stroll . . .

It's hard to get mad at a sky like that. And trees. It was a lovely, lovely day. (Nevertheless, I'm glad I've had a few terrible sweaty hot ones though, so I'm not charmed by this into thinking my old home is actually idyllic.) That would be an insanity, but I'm sure enjoying what I have.

The dads took me to Dewey's for some good pizza and then I met Juliet at the Trolley Stop for a little shit-talking before heading over to the Whizbang to help roadie a bit. We were joined later by Brian and Cameron.

The show was a little laid back and in the cut, but Grennan (8) successfully threw knives at Kaleb Kane, a young (16), up and coming magician and escape artist. This is him hanging from a bar by his feet while getting out of a straitjacket.

Last night's show was, as always, entertaining, and in addition to Kaleb, Grennan, his sister Charlotte (5), there was also a stand-up, one Matt Loxely (17) who I found particularly brave and amusing. He's gonna have some trouble in this area, but if he gets out, man he's a dark one.

I let him know.

This is something the Freakshow Deluxe family is doing absolutely right. Sideshow has always had a tribal conviviality at its roots and allowing some of these young people the opportunity to perform at this variety show at this venue at this age will make a lasting impression and help shape their lives and performance styles as well as having the strong potentiality to bring in the next generation of the FSD.  So smart.

After the show a few of us went back to the Gunn house and mostly talked over The Man With the Iron Fists (meaning I'm going to actually watch it at some point). I enjoyed it, but the socializing was paramount.

So here I am in the trailer, listening to the rain.  I'm gonna take a few more minutes to do that before deciding how the rest of my day plays out. I hope yours is as restful.


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