Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1000 Words

And no I'm not kvetching about my lines again - though I do have a lot of them.

Yesterday was a full and wonderful day with all manner of family and fun.  I thought I might do a photo essay today instead of discussing everything in detail as I am anxious to return to that bliss.

[no picture available]
6:45am Tom and I go to Sinclair and he takes placement tests

11:00am Tom and I stop at Walgreens to buy me tonics and balms for my aching shoulder  - Tiger Balm works!

[no picture available]
12:00pm The Nor-Cal Hardings show up and Katrina and I decorate for the summer babies birthdays

1:30pm My aunt Joanne shows up and checks out dad's garden

3:00pm Stacey shows up and we have a summer babies birthday soiree  for Mike, Tom and Stacey - nice hats, eh?

4:00p WSP steals the hat and looks "debonair"

5:00pm  The NorCal Hardings drop me at the Zoot Studio for rehearsal and take a quick tour - here's the first peek at the Dr. Faustus Puppet! 

6:00pm We find that our ponchos may still need some work - my forearms nearly popped the seams - Anita has a slightly different issue . . .

[no picture available]
9:30pm We finish two very interesting work-throughs and Brian gives us notes before sending us home - exhausted

11:00pm After getting home and having some delicious chicken stuffed with artichokes, spinach and parmesan and a bit of lasagna for good measure - all I missed I dinner we all bid each other good night - the glow balloons still glow - as does my foolish heart

I suppose next time I plan to do a photo essay I should make sure I have enough photos.

: /

But I'm eager to get back to my family as rehearsal is much earlier this evening.

Oh and Sommer, I think your request is a good one and I aim to give it a go, but it probably won't happen before the end of the week as I'm taking Thursday *OFF*!

Happy Hump Day Everybody!


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