Friday, July 19, 2013

Not So Hot

It was a blessing that last night's show was not quite so hot as the day before.  It was still a sweater, but we got through FAUSTUS and with aplomb.  Besides, heat keeps us all in mind of Hell.  (Moo ha ha!)  I was unsure how the show might go after effectively 3 days off, nearly 25% of the total time of consecutive rehearsals for this piece.

It went well.  It felt like a second opening in some ways and we had many friendly ears.  I was so pleased to have been able to share it.  I'll be sad when this one is done.  Only three more chances to sell my soul.


Prior to the show I spent the day messing with boxes and remembering media mail and running a few errands with the help of my pop.  I then checked my lines for both FAUSTUS and TEMPEST and watched bits of Van Helsing.  (No I don't know why; what dreck!)

My folks moved their reservation as they had planned to attend Wednesday's cancelled show and they walked the museum as I prepared.  Part of my preparation was to visit the Medieval (or Gothic) Cloister which, though not nearly as fine as the Italian Cloister in which we perform, and littered with the detritus of a function, most likely a wedding, still yielded up some pieces that fed the Faustus that is in me.

A shame there was no practical way to use pieces of this space.  Mayhap we should catch a pic or two there before strike . . .


Just one more of the awesome nooks and crannies that make up the DAI.  How lucky I've been to play in this beautiful space.

I'll miss the marble for sure.

I'm hoping to spend some quality time with my dads before heading to Dayton for the weekend. If anyone would like to connect, please let me know.  Tempus Fugit!

Also, keep your eyes open for livestreaming possibilities.  I will too.  Particularly final Sundays at 1p EST (7/21 FAUSTUS, 8/11 TEMPEST)

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