Wednesday, July 10, 2013

. . . begin to sound the depth of that thou wilt profess . . .

What a sweaty, busy, eventful and (ultimately) productive day yesterday!

It started off late as we had to wish a Happy 40th to my brother Tom.  (His natal day is actually Thursday, but we ambushed him before Tom and I went off to work in Cincy in the a.m. He suspected nothing!  Ha HA!)

                                             He's pretty happy to get those black-wrapped over-the-hill prezzies!

Then after I made us wild-goose chase an errand that became moot we worked in the heat for several hours, before he took me back to the DAI for Tech # 3.

We got through about half of the play before the sky opened up and turned the Cloister into a soupy mess.

                                                                 Striking the un-(as-yet)rain-proofed Heaven box . . .

Luckily it stopped so we could finish the first run before jumping directly into a second.  Boy was I whooped.

I got some notes from our Artistic Director, D. T. Cupp and then he and I talked while he worked on a slight costume adjustment I'll explore tomorrow at opening. Always keep 'em guessing!

                                                                                 "Oh black stuff on my hands!" 
                                                                                  - yes Ladies and Gentlemen, 
                                                                                Tristan even has fun with dye -
                                                                              well, genius don't come cheap! : D

I'm keen to see how people respond to this show.  It's an odd one to perform in bright sunlight, but the Elizabethans did it, so we should be able to pull it off I should think!

I had a few other hiccups today (an extra special thanks to SPMdL for his assistance today!) and I ended the evening with a long call to my friend, confidante and artistic (life) confessor, and then I wearily crawled into bed to prepare for our early call tomorrow.  Whew.

Let's break things eh?  Today is our second Opening after all.  Can I get a ZOOT?!?


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Days in Ohio:         59
Today is sponsored by Christel Elsen and Matt Roben

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