Monday, July 15, 2013

Really Off

With the exception of some petty passive aggression clumsily and transparently masquerading as righteous indignation, I thought the show went well.  Again, small but enthusiastic house.

And to be fair this is what the dressing room looked like yesterday.

We're all knackered and we all handle stress differently.  And we all know that the TEMPEST is on the horizon.  I think having an actual dark day (though one certain to be rife with memorization) is a really good thing.  Plus we were granted an additional reprieve on Tuesday night.  Whew!

Oh and if you haven't seen a Summer Series show yet and you have any interest in my work particularly, FAUSTUS is the one to see.  It really kind of is about me.  It's dark and it's a thinker, but I talk *alot* - so try to have a gander and though I have no comps please ask me directly about Tweet seats to ease the sticker shock a bit.

Really.  I'd love to see you there and you only have 5 more chances to catch this one.  Walk-ups welcome!

Now to work . . .

: )


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