Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Donor Brag and "Dark" Day

What a rare treat!  I haven't gotten to do a donor brag in a while!

I got to have lunch at Milano's with my dear friends Brian McKnight and Master Joey Bates.

Joey was my singing teacher at Wright State and he taught me how to control my natural (and admittedly) wild gifts from the time I was about 18 to the time I was about 22.  He's one of a great group of teachers who helped shape me as a young artist.  In the following years Joey has continued to teach, music direct and has become a Master Teacher in the Fitzmaurice technique.

And he's still a jolly fella eh?

Three things always stand out to me about my relationship with Joey.  He doesn't put up with my bullshit, ever.  In fact, he doesn't expect anyone to put up with bullshit.  Ever. He's also wickedly funny.  Always has been.  But his most salient quality is that Joey is incredibly caring though I'd put his personal style down to tough love.  He's saved more than a few folks from deliberate self-destruction.

It was extremely kind of him to chip in for the Sojourn at this late date and I was surprised and humbled. Also nice as I try to get the new lines in my old brain.

Joey then sent Brian and I to the new Much Ado About Nothing.   Eh.  All I can say about that is: "Learning your lines is not enough."  Oy.

Now I'm to do my Tuesday with Tommy.  *yawn*

Late y'all!


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