Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence!

Hey y'all!

Yesterday was a lovely day starting with a goodbye to the aunt and uncle and then a visit to the Greene where we visited with the NorCal Hardings and the Elder Dixons.  We met at Panera and had a brunch before walking about and finding snow cones near the fountain.  I got quality time with both my sister-in-law and my niece.

I also ran into Steve Bognar and talked about a photography show he's involved in at the DAI conveniently across the grand hall from the Hale Cloister.  So if you see FAUSTUS, make sure to drop and in and check out Reinvention Portraits!

I had time for an errand and then some brief time to work before heading to a very satisfying rehearsal at the DAI.  The space really informed the show and I felt very good about both runs.  FAUSTUS will be interesting  for certain sure.

Following our sweaty rehearsal, Cameron provided us all with sparklers which burned as we crooned the Star Spangled Banner in front of the Art Institute.  It was a lovely moment.  A real moment.  A truly patriotic moment of togetherness for no particular reason.  My favorite.

Then Brian and I had some Pizza Hut and shot the shit before he brought me home to Fairborn where I handled some balderdash that has been foisted upon me and remembered, yet again, the reason I will come out on top is simply that I have continued to cultivate friendships over the years and I treat people with the respect they deserve.  That's a good thing to realize.

Our independence ultimately depends on our inter-dependence.  Thank you all for being part of that web.

Enjoy Independence Day . . . or the American Insurrection . . . or Boom Boom Fun.  However it shakes out for you.  : )

As much as I love all of my friends, I'm going to take the day off and spend it with as much of my family as I am able.  I hope you all will too!


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