Friday, July 26, 2013

Fabulous Night!

Hello friends!

I had a wonderful *long* lunch with Joey and Brian (after Brian and I went to the right Frisch's - duh - two on Wilmington Pike - who knew?) then we had time for a quick QI (and *way* too much coffee cake!) before heading in to rehearsal.

The first spacing run went well and we solved a lot of problems.  Unfortunately the second run was cut short when young Anita rolled her ankle in the gravel.  It was too good to be true that we'd get through the whole series without someone hitting the dirt as it were.  Frankly, I thought it would be me.

Here's holding a good thought she'll be back to functioning for Sunday's Tech!  *fingers x'd*

I helped drive her car back to her home and got her situated before heading back with Victoria to meet JJ, Mathys, Michael and Tristan at the old haunt of the Oregon Express.  JJ's puppet fever has gotten to the point where he's making everything into harnesses - even pizza stands!

Then we were talked into going to MJ's for Karaoke.  Tristan left us but Brian joined for awhile. Let me tell you these fellas can sing.  It was a pleasure to hear and I was glad of a little time to get to know JJ better. He's a hoot and does one helluva of a Janis, and a Liza, and a Babs.  You get the idea.

We also popped Mr. Sticka's Karaoke cherry.  He and I did Poncho and Lefty and he JJ did a singular version of Islands in the Stream.  There was a lot of country going on last night and much of it was my fault.

Hee hee.

We all saw mutual friends and we had a very nice time.  Thanks for the invite y'all. For the record, I also sang House of the Rising Sun, Mama Tried and Delilah.

Now I'm off to enjoy my DARK FRIDAY!

Hope to see some of you at the Whizbang tonight.



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