Monday, July 1, 2013

Half Time Report

It's hard to believe that I have been in Ohio for 50 days and that our first show has opened and closed!  And I know the rest of the summer is going to roar by like a freight train.  

In fact, we only have 7 (count 'em 7!) rehearsals before FAUSTUS opens on July 10th.  *bites nails*

I thought I'd check out the numbers again and let you see them as we head into the latter half of this adventure.

  • 6819 page views to date (1417 in the last month)
  • 84 Benefactors have backed the Summer Shakespeare Sojourn Subsidy
  • $3836.33 of the minimum required $3500 has been received to date                                         (future donations will still be accepted and appreciated as unexpected things will no doubt occur)
  • All 91 days of the Sojourn have been sponsored with an additional 6 days of the Chicago Layover being sponsored, leaving only 5 days of the Chicago Layover unsponsored (AMAZING!)
  • Travel Honor #1 was backed by Mike Mauloff which got me from LA to Dayton on 5.13
  • Brian McKnight is sponsoring travel from Ohio to Chicago in mid-August
  • Travel Honor #2 was backed by Loyana Maria Garcia Vodicka and will get me from Chicago to LA on 8.29
  • Benefactors were mostly from LA (45) and California in general, including LA (53)
  • There were 11 Benefactors from Chicago and 11 from Ohio with 23 people contributing from outside of those centralized markets
  • Most of my computer viewers use Windows (34%)
  • Most of my phone viewers use iPhones (12%)
  • The most used browser to see the blog is no longer Firefox (23%) but Chrome (26%)
  • 34 hours of 9 days and 14 hours owed to Benefactors have been completed (14.78%) -                                         Claim your Hang Outs People!  : D
  • The first blog post (2/25/13) is still the most popular with 940 views and 2 comments
Stats with no change
  • People from 10 different countries have viewed the blog, overwhelmingly from the US (87%)
  • The furthest benefactor donated from Dubai 
  • The most popular donation method has been PayPal with over 50% of backers choosing this method (You can still contribute by sending a donation to through PayPal!)
Yesterday involved our closing performance (we didn't rain out!), strike and then a little Hanging Out time with Brian before the most monster nap of all time.  I then did a little business before crashing out. 
And as I didn't have internet through much of the weekend, here are some pix that I missed this weekend. 


                                                                               Triple Stack at the Whizbang: 
                                                                            Tommy Gunn on the Bed of Nails, 
                                                              Ginger Ail on the Bed of Blades on Tommy Gunn, 
                                                       The Green Monster on the mini-Bed of Nails on Ginger Ail 
                                                                   and Jake the Wrestler on The Green Monster - 
                                                                                             What a trick!

                                                                       Charlotte rocks out on Big Mike's Ukulele - 
                                                                                  Promise of things to come!

                                                                                        The Usual Puppets - 
                                                                      Castmates to whom we say goodbye, 
                                                                   along with Andrew, Juliet and Kelsey.  : (

                                                              At least there's more summer series in the works - 
                                                                                   hope to see you all there!


Funding:                109.6%
Days in Ohio:         50
Today is sponsored by Dino Balos and Monina Marin

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