Saturday, June 15, 2013

You like me! Your *really* like me!

Over 6000 views today.

That does my heart good.

Glad to know you're all finding something relatable (or at least amusing) in these posts.

I got up and met Cameron and Mr. Sticka at the DAI for our press call.  We each had puppets that neither of us use in the show, (Oberon's hand fell off - sorry Tristan!) and I'm told these spots will air on Monday morning if anyone is interested.  I'll seek 'em out and post 'em if I find them.

You'll see how beautiful the Cloister is and how cool a couple of the puppets are.  Other than that I would guess the content will be a bit random.  ; )

Afterwards Cam and I ran a buncha cruncha errands (BOH-ring!) and had lunch at Adobe Gila's at the Greene.  We ended up eschewing our planned work session in favor of more leisurely pursuits.  Never do today what you can put off.

After some home time with my poor WSP convalescing my pops took me to Giovanni's in downtown Fairtucky.  The pizza was a solid 8. Good stuff.  Everything else: staff, clientele, service, atmosphere I'd have to give a 2 if I'm being generous.  It was the first all-around experience I've had since coming home that reminded me why I left and could never permanently return.

So if you wanna try that spot out, order carry-out!

And thanks to Tara Lail, I got to see Avenue Q at the Human Race.  I mostly really liked it.  Great set.  Fun story.  Excellent execution by the cast.  Mostly I'm over musicals, but I had a nice time.  And I got a couple minutes to catch up with Sean Michael Flowers, Katie Pees and Joe Deer.  I hope to see them all for more in depth confabs sometime this summer.

After the show I walked from the loft to McKnight's and was taken by how beautiful the DAI and the river really are at night.  Don'tcha think?

And it was a mostly pleasant walk, nodding to other dudes prowling around the area, but just as I was nearing Brian's place on River Terrace I heard a voice calling, "Chris! Chris!"

I assumed it was for the guy that had just crossed the street, so I just kept walking.

Moments later a small white sedan pulled up beside me and a young woman hollered, "You got a girl?!"

I responded, "No thanks.  I'm good."

She immediately retorted, "Why?  'Cause I'm black?"

I waved them on and continued to walk.

The driver guffawed, "Nah girl!" and they sped up Salem.

I just shook my head and finished my walk.

Does that approach really work for anyone?

Aw Dayton!

Brian and I talked a little philosophically (yes) and watched an episode of QI (hooked) before he gave me a lift back to Stillborn.

It was a random day, but a nice one.

And, in addition to the 6k views, I got a another surprise follow-up donation. It's a pretty nice feeling.

And now my travel home at the end of the summer is also underwritten!  Thanks Vodicka!


Funding:                108.9%
Days in Ohio:         34
Today is sponsored by Laura Johnson and Kristina Johnson (no relation)

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