Sunday, June 9, 2013


YesterDAY was as wonderful as last night was not.

I got the chance to Hang Out with the lovely and magical Beth Popelka and Mr. McKnight.  Beth and I, though we've kept in touch, haven't physically seen each other for ten years.  We strolled down memory lane together and it was nearly midnight before we parted company.  And she is going to have a look at the run today.

                                             Like-It, Love-It and I'm Gotta-Have-It (Off Camera)
Good stuff!

Unfortunately, I think I got more than a touch of something my pop was battling and I spent all night visiting the facilities as-it-were.  I didn't sleep much and whenever I did manage to get there my body woke me up with cramps that signaled I would now spend more time peeing through my butt.  I only erped once, and my brain isn't too vague though my body feels real oogie, so I guess overall that's good.

I'm just hoping to get through rehearsal without incident (and dreading the two times Thisbe flops onto my belly.  Oy!)  I expect to try to sleep a lot when I make it home later this evening.

Wish me luck.

And also please join me in wishing Many Happy Returns to my eldest brother, Mr. Mike Harding!

Hope it's a good one sir!

: )


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