Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ever the Critic . . .

Hey y'all -

Woke up having slept very hard after exerting myself.  I didn't manage to find an alternate bike route to ride to rehearsal today, though I will make that my mission tomorrow.

Instead I enlisted the help of young Cameron Blankenship and we drove all over Fairborn as I tried to put together the pieces for my Zombie Walk costume.  Turns out someone already exhibited my idea last year, but I'm going for it anyway.  I've got my own sauce.

We visited several thrift type and discount type stores as well as a Party City and the inimitable Foy's headquarters.  Love that place.  Have since I was wee.

We found this guy in the St. Francis shop.

Maybe we can use him in Faustus, eh?

Thinking about having a Blood Party maybe Thursday to get ready for the high-jinks on Friday, but we'll see.

Tonight we pulled apart Midsummer and I was so happy to have it happen as I felt runs were just cementing choices instead of improving them.  The proof will be in the pudding tomorrow when we run it again.  The puppets (at this point, nothing to do with me) are really shaping up.

I look forward to the opening of this show as I think it will be wonderfully unique.  Perhaps the only Folio Method (mostly) Puppet Troupe Shakespeare ever!  I'll go ahead and believe that anyway.  'Cause we are that cool.

Go us.

When I got home I watched Dahmer.  All I have to say about that is, "A movie about Jeffrey Dahmer with no cannibalism!?!?"  Kind of a let-down if you ask me.  Sort of like The Iron Lady focusing all on Thatcher's regrettable condition and not saying a word about her deplorable policies.  The movies have no teeth.  

As, unfortunately, was John Dies at the End.  Great potential.  Poor execution.  Weak ending.  C+

Maybe I am hard to please . . .

Hopefully audiences will be more forgiving about my performance in Midsummer this June.

; )


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