Friday, June 21, 2013


Happy Summer Solstice!  It's the longest day of the year!  Get your licks in!

Our first evening performance last night was well-conceived, well-run and well-received.  I think it went really, well, WELL!  : D

I biked from the west side to the DAI and only had to give up on one hill on the way back when my thighs went on strike.  I'm a bit concerned about the tires as there are many bumps and lots of detritus along the way, but it should all work out.

Victoria sorted out the drape situation (on Tristan's instructions) and we figured out how all the props, puppets, chairs and &tc.  live in our tiny storage space.  See?

Cozy, huh?  Good show on that.

Then I vegged in prep for major FAUSTUS work before Friday's evening performance.  We'll see how that turns out if I don't have to clean up dog crap the entire time.  Pippa!  *shakes fist*

Who will I see tonight?

: )


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Days in Ohio:         40
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