Friday, June 7, 2013

Delicious Phlebotomy

Yesterday was something of a blur and I woke with red stains all over my hands.

There was a time in my life when this might have worried me, but as I clawed my way to consciousness (after being roused by the American Pride Bark Blower) I recalled the hazy events of the day before.

Not much.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

I fixed a drain and walked in the rain and frolicked with some faeries and made a deal with the devil and rode with a Firebird and a Holocaust Baby.

All in a days work.

But after that, young Blankenship and I made a supply foray under the sanguine sign reading only:  Meijer; it was late in the evening and we found the necessary ingredients for our alchemy with alacrity.

Corn Syrup.  Food Coloring.  Dish Show.  Red # 40.  Chocolate Syrup.  Fold-over Sandwich Bags.

A large fellow named Doug and a vigorous amount of shaking in a place the denizens call the Shindig were the last pieces to our puzzle.

We finished our work fairly early and I was whisked back to my casket just as the young ones came to sniff our progress.  I hope D & C were able to protect their stores as we will need them tonight in the Oregon District as we shamble . . .

May your Friday bring you as much frivolity.  And staining . . .


Funding:                105.8%
Days in Ohio:         26
Today is sponsored by THE Joe Moran and Tamara Uribarri

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