Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summertime [fill in the blank]

And a pleasant Sunday to you!

I took Saturday nice and easy.

I slept in a bit, fed the cat and watched Hangover 3 with my brother and his fiance.  B+  Too much of what the people want i.e. too much Alan and Chow, but still better than the second one.  Though it ticked me off that they put the tag in the middle of the credits.  Save it for the end.  You don't trust people even to do that?

Come on.

Then I got some batteries for my bike light and played old folks at home with my parents to watch Flight, which is a very heavy film in case you haven't seen it.  The best movie I caught yesterday was a casual re-watching of The Untouchables, though the purple score did make me want to strangle Ennio Morricone.  Music was so damn prescriptive in the 80s.

And FWIW (damn you dollar store!) Buffalo Blue Cheese Combos are not nearly as delicious as I might've hoped.  *sigh*

Don't let the wrapper fool ya!

I hope your Saturday was equally relaxing.

: )


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