Monday, June 3, 2013

Cool Socks

I have the coolest socks ever!  I mean, like ever-ever.


They helped me get it together to go with my brother down to Cincy this morning at ass-early.  I guess it wasn't that early, but I did have to set an alarm.  Ick.

We did some errands and had some bro time.  It was good.  Looking forward to more of that in the coming weeks.

He got me to the Zoot Studio where we ran through Midsummer with puppets.  Like for real.  Sure some of them had missing limbs and such, but the feel and pace of the piece has changed.  The show we were ready to tech as humans is now ready for some serious re-imagination and polishing. It's an exciting time.

And I sucked on lines.  And I must improve.  I had no excuse being the only cast member to not have a puppet in hand.  I've had my asshead for weeks.  Bad Matt.  No monkey.  Or whatevs.  We'll be better tonight.  Pinky swear!

I was then invited to help with a reading for young Master Steele with McKnight, Kelsey, DB and Cam.  It was a fun exercise and a nice way to round out the day.

Then I tried to decipher a map . . . but then I gave up, until I couldn't stop thinking about it and did a bunch more research.  A grand experiment starts today.  Wish me lucks. And buy me salves . . .

Ooo. Ooo.  I also had a great idea for my Zombie Walk get up on June, 7th.  Moo-ha-ha!



Funding:                105.8%
Days in Ohio:         22
Today is sponsored by Erin Joy Swank and Chris Ritter

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