Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Petty Crimes

Tom and I spent a very productive day working on his house in Cincy.  (If anyone is looking for a place to rent in the fall, please let me know.)  We executed some small crimes and misdemeanors (ha ha) and then we worked until 2pm.

My favorite sign read:  "Mount Healthy - A Refuge from the Cholera Epidemic of 1850."  Is that why it's called Mt. Healthy? 

We had lunch at his house in Dayton and then went to Sinclair to work on enrolling Tom for classes leading to his Paramedic coursework next year.  

When leaving a young lady asked us for a ride up the street to the Western Union as her car had been broken into and she was trying to get a new license from the DMV but didn't have money as her purse was stolen.  We obliged to drop her a few blocks away as she was trying to get the necessary cash before the agency closed. 

We got back to the house and I helped Tom work on his FAFSA before I went to the movies with my dads.  


I have to say it was everything I've come to expect from Zack Snyder.  Purple.  Derivative.  Bad (sometmes nearly unbelievable) Dialogue.  (Well Nolan did help write it).  Terrible Music.  (Surprsingly so from Zimmer). Mis-casting galore (though admittedly from a much higher rent pool and many thespians whose work I normally like; always good to see Chicago represented so well).  Decent enough special effects in (nearly) completely pointless action sequences.  

Boy Howdy what a piece of shit.  Cavill did what he could with what he was given, as did Shannon (who I generally *really* like BTW) and the rest tried their damndest, but you can't put lipstick on a pig.   

To be fair I've always found Superman to be the biggest yawner of all superheroes.  Invincible Do-gooder.  Please.  The only relatively positive think I can say is at least it didn't suck as much ass as The "Amazing" Spiderman.

Our real night was far more exciting after when Ray realized he'd left his belongings in the movie theater and we had to race back to find them.  The manager had them and it didn't appear anything was missing.  So good on 'em.  But *that* incident was a million times more interesting than the movie we just wasted nearly three hours of our lives on. 

I'm very excited to have both of my dads in the audience today for MIDSUMMER (only 5 performances left!) before we touch both FAUSTUS and TEMPEST tonight.  Rare day.  All three pieces of the Summer Series conjoined in one long pitch of Elizabethan fun.


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