Saturday, June 8, 2013

3 Shots

I'm still a little Braaains Hungover, so no links.  Deal with it.

I'll just say I had a great time shambling with Alice, Thomas, Charlotte (Clan: Bartlett-Nealeigh), Ken the King, Cam, Dough, Kelsey, Pierre and all the folks we ran into down at the Zombie Walk.

I've also found you can cause wounds with Caro syrup.  New torture technique perhaps?

                                                                                 Burst blister from walking in a 
                                                                                   Sugar Blood Soaked Sandal.  

                                                                                     Instant Track Marks; cover 
                                                                               inside of elbow with Sugar Blood 
                                                                                 and continue to work the joint 
                                                                                listening to the "peeling" sound.  
                                                                                   Voila!  Instant Track Marks

Sugar Blood is also a great depilatory agent, especially if you have old cloths stuck to you like bandages and especially in the pubic area.  Eeesh.

And I didn't get a single pick of me in full regalia.  Schmart, eh?

Oh and I promised 3 show shots, so here's this:

Happy Saturday!


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