Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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After a busy day of running around with my folks and Mr. Chuck Larkowski, I made it to rehearsal and we ran the show twice.  It's already sweaty and it's not even hot yet.  We're preparing.

I have to say, in the second run I think Bottom finally showed up completely.  I'm glad he did.  I was starting to wonder what I was going to do if he didn't.  Character creation is always a crap shoot.  : )

I thought today I'd show you some backstage shots to get you in the mood for opening on Wednesday.


Here are actors watching in the wings and putting puppets and props on stands &tc. . . .

This is our lovely Queen Victoria (actually our SM, but you get the idea) calling the show and running sound.

And finally here are some of the puppet casualties from tonight's run - mostly fairy hands in this case.  Poor Tristan.  So much to do.  : /

                                                                                   This clock has no big hand. 

Then I decided to relax.  Went into rehearsal an hour early, so I got home early too.  Nice party.  Very nice.

Looks like I'll be house and dog sitting this weekend so I hope to catch up on all the line-learning I've missed, though I do think I'm off-book for scene 1.  1/15th of the way there!  Hey.  It's a start.


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