Sunday, June 23, 2013

Performance Interuptus!

Oh no!

We got rained out today!  Hopefully that won't happen often.  It felt a little strange to walk away from the show unfinished, but we held for 20 minutes and it didn't let up.  Of course the day was beautiful after that, but what're ya gonna do?

Brian and I got there early to futz with the sound and "fixed" it.  We'll see how that holds up.

Then we went to Columbus and met up with our good friend Tim Lessner, proprietor of the Tip Top Kitchen.  It's a really great place and if you are ever in the short north, amble over to Gay street and have something to eat.  You won't be disappointed.

Unfortunately my phone was charging so I didn't get a pic, but we hope to see Mr. Lessner soon.  He looks so distinguished!

Then it was nap and cram lines into head.  Not much else to report.

But I do want to reiterate for my friends with more modest means and the bargain shoppers among you that Tweet Seats are available for matinee on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  Those are 1pm shows and if you tweet or facebook the event you can get seats for 1/2 price!  Only $10!

Click that link to find out more because I'd love to see you all smiling in this beautiful and intimate space!  : D


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Days in Ohio:         42
Today is sponsored by Loyana Maria Garcia Vodicka and Ryan Mulkay

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