Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy Pride!

Well first off, Happy Dads Day to all you Dads!

I just woke up from a really bizarre dream where my pops and I were trying to find a seat in the front row of Kevin Bacon's new theatre for some adaptation of a television show and we couldn't find one of our coupons to prove we had reservations even though we had our tickets.  It went on and on and on.  Kinda wore me out.

Anyone care to interpret that?

I had a slow start yesterday and then my very good and long-time friend Fayrene dropped by to pick me up and we went to Yellow Springs' 2nd Annual Pride Festival.

We used to work together at the Mall at Fairfield Commons in the pre-aughts.  She is a painter and a troublemaker and one of my dearest confidantes!

I was particularly interested in the Flaggots, the Dayton Gay Men's Chorus and the Rubi Girls.  Not to mention the opportunity to see as many of my old YS friends as I could!  : )

The Flaggots were pretty fabulous and I understand you can catch them on America's Got Talent this year if you are so inclined.  Really good stuff.

The Dayton Gay Men's Chorus had some obstacles to overcome in the outdoor space and the sound ops left a *lot* to be desired, but I was glad to see them and I'm sure there will be an improvement next year.  I was told that this year was an improvement of the first so one expects growth.

I also had a little wistful moment when I used the facilities at the Bryan Center.  I'd been through in the past few years but seeing that empty auditorium and the quiet little stage on my own reminded me that I had some of my first plays produced there.  *tear*  Isn't it a darling little space?


Most of the day was spent hallooing and catching up with Fayrene who I hadn't seen far too long.

I had a great meat pie from a food truck.  We spent a couple of minutes at the Gulch before going into that ill-run peesa-shit eyesore called Peach's.  Have I mentioned how much I hate that bar?

Despite my personal irritation with the rat-bastard that owns it, it is so ill-run and I'm sure they lost about $600 in sales due to the fact they simply don't know how to run a bar.  (My apologies to my friends who work there.  I still like you.  I just think it's a top-down problem.)

And those of us who got there early couldn't really see the show due to the fire-hazard violations and general jackassery.  When you're the only game in town it's easy for mediocrity to be your catch-phrase.  But enough of that.

The Rubi Girls were great!  They've raised more than $1M dollars for HIV in the 29 years they've been performing and they are funny and beautiful!

I understand the Head Idiot in Charge of that *ahem* venue was very good to them and I'm glad to hear that. And the Rubis are *fun*!

Here's a pic of their most requested number. Titanic.

That's about the best view I had all night.  Fayrene and I lasted about half the set and had to retreat into the night air.  But if you get a chance to see the these faboo ladies, I'd recommend it.  Home Grown Dayton Fun.  (The wisdom of controlling the quality of an entire troupe of drag performers cannot be overlooked.)

And when drag queens abound so do hijinks. Besides the condom rain and good/bad puns, this is my favorite remnant from last night.

If only . . .

Finally, I also ran into several unexpected folks before, during and after the event.  People from all over my Dayton past, most notably Sommer on her 7th 29th Birthday! Get it girl!

It was the first day I'd had a chance to spend in town and it always amuses me that when I spend time in YS half the people, the ones who recognize me anyway, don't ask if I'm home for a visit, they just kind of assume everyone comes back, and I think they think I am there to stay or that I never left.  I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, but to quote the Rubi Girls Emcee: "Yellow Springs is a confusing place."

I still call it my hometown.

I look forward to catching up with more of you weirdos over the summer.  Or not.

And knowing the Springs, it's most likely not.



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  1. :-) Yay! Just now reading this. <3 ya! Though we will hafta discuss this Peach bidness...XXOO! Sounds like Midsummer's going well! Can't wait for Fautus!