Thursday, June 6, 2013

Classy MuhFuh Crackers Yo! (sorta-kinda) NSFW - puppet style . . . (but probably not)

You know sometimes the things that catch your eye are completely unexpected.

Seriously.  There are whales and clockwork creatures and hobbits and dragons and boxes of bones &tc. &tc. in the Zoot Studio space and what does my gaze land upon . . . ?

The classiest box of crackers I have ever seen!

Are they stale?  Maybe.  Are they old?  Perhaps.  But you look here.

Wouldn't you like to entertain with these?  Yeah you would.  Admit it!

I don't have much else to say today.  Good run of MND.

And now I'll spend some time with my folks.  Hopefully my Pop is over is summer ickies.  I surely do not want any of that!

Oh and I was able to help out a couple of friends.  The pay-it-forward-game makes me feel good.

And it nets me thank you pix like this!

Don't be jealous.

Thank you to All of You who have made it possible for me to do so!

: )


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Days in Ohio:         25
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