Friday, June 14, 2013

T - 5 and counting . . .

We'll be open *so* soon!

Great day in the space.

Wasn't sure we'd get it after the rain we'd had.

But we loaded the puppets up and took them to the DAI:

And we moved through about 1/2 of the show before retiring to the Oregon Express and hanging out and patting ourselves on our collective backs (not too much)!

The show looks great!

Early call for FOX 45 this a.m. so we could only hang out so much.

Can't wait for Sunday and a full run in the space.

So soon until we open!

*Very* exciting.

Great play!  Great cast!  Great crew!  Great design team!  Great company!



Funding:                106%
Days in Ohio:         33
Today is sponsored by Laura Johnson

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