Sunday, March 17, 2013

3 More Days Underwritten!

That's right.  You heard it.

Three more folks have moved us up to 18% and several more have pledged to help AND I completed my first Hang Out.  Stay tuned to find out how that went down. 

This is what we call momentum!

Now who are these awesome people?

THE Joe Moran: @THEJoeMoran -  Need I say more?
(Well actually I do, but we'll talk more in depth about him tomorrow! Don't miss it!)

Malina Moore - Cultural Affairs Supervisor (Public Art) at the City of Santa Monica, former Punk Rock Drummer Extraordinare and Japanophile.  "Striving to create value in this life." 

and my old school chum, Erin Joy Swank - our Contact in Colorado is the Website & New Media Coordinator/Education Production and Stage Manager at Central City Opera and a River Guide at Centennial Canoe.  She also directed me in Sister Mary Ignatius Explains in All For You sometime before the turn of the millennium.  

Here's the proof.

                                         with Josh Horvath

Happy St. Pat's Everybody!

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  1. A little hard to tell from the picture. Yes, he's the one in the habit. Best casting decision ever.