Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Great Minds, Divergent Evolution and All That Jaz!!!

Good Morning!

As I’ve mentioned that this project is about all of us, I thought it appropriate to share some selections of an email I got from my good friend James Anthony Zoccoli (JAZ) when I got home from set yesterday.

JAZ had sent me a fundraising request not unlike my own on nearly the same day I started hammering away at all your good natures.  Oooo.  Creepy.

He also has a pretty amazing opportunity ahead, a slightly more lofty financial goal and sooner and much more specific deadline.  And it's definitely worth knowing about.  So please do click through his links!

That’s all dandy and *very* cool, but what I found even more moving was the perspective he shared in his thank you letter to me.

JAZ writes;

“May sound crazy, but the one dollar to twenty-five dollar donations are the coolest ones.

Why?  Because it means you ain't rich, but you were STILL willing to support the cause.

In the end, I'm almost more interested in how many funders I get than the dollar amount.”

He also goes on to say:


If you have the time or inclination, it would be great if you could help spread the word, too.”

So I am. 

Because I really like JAZ and I think he’s SUPER TALENTED.

He also offers a few more tidbits that saved me the time of looking up representative awesomeness in my fatigued state.  ; ) 

Again, in his own words:

“If you haven't already - & you wanna' have a laugh - check out: my appearance at 2nd Story.
(At work?  Listen with headphones.  Some material may be inappropriate for white people.)”


He’s also provided a bio and a podcast to learn more about him.

This is another project that even if you only get to know more about a vital and relevant artist or have the chance to share his story, he’ll be very grateful!

Kick it in the teeth JAZ!

Hope you make it to the Festivals with Financing to Spare!

Oh and BTW the SSSSMLH2013 Project is 37.3% funded!




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