Saturday, March 30, 2013

Please Mister Postman look and see if there's a letter in your bag for me . . .

Good Day!

Yesterday we were nearly at 40% and today we were solidly there thanks to the first of several contributions I have been told to expect in the post.

The first came all the way from Florida and a dear friend I haven't seen in I would have to guess more than a decade.  !

Asiya Jones: dated one of my best friends in high school and as a result, we were close as well.  She, along with her best friend Dawn, were two of the biggest groupies Zodiak, my most established high-school band, ever had.  Asiya went on to study at WSU, though I'm embarrassed to say we never connected while we were both there, : ( and then moved to Florida and became an IT Specialist.

She has always been a lovely person and told me that she wanted to donate even though we likely couldn't Hang Out.  I reminded her that the internet is a magical place and I hope to find a way to catch up with her.

One of the best and mostly unexpected by-products of this campaign has been the mandate to catch up with old friends.  : )

Can't ask for a better task!

I'll be watching the mail for more pledges and I hope to catch up with more of you and brag about you soon!



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