Friday, March 22, 2013

Days Underwritten through June 4th!

That's right!

Funding is over 28% and that means over three weeks of the Sojourn have been Underwritten! Thank you!

Who are the latest folks to make this possible you ask?  Well let me tell you about yesterday's contributors:

Andy Wibbels: (@andymatic) is one of my oldest friends and muses.  He is an author, life coach, web monkey and general inspiration (I mean just look at that face!).  He is also one of my favorite playwrights who virtually single-handedly penned the first two PlayWright Festivals I helped found and produce when we were together at Wright State before the turn-of-the-century!

Yeah. Really.  Check this out.

                                                April Miller and ?Help Me Out Guys?
                                                in Andy Wibbels' BRUISES
                                                                                      [on stage shot]

My Cousin, K, seems to want to keep her identity on the DL on the interwebs, so I will respect that by not sending net traffic her way.  I'll just say this.  She cracks me up.  Constantly.  And what's even more fun is that she's my father's partner's sister's adopted daughter.  For reals.

It follows that she's my closest cousin doesn't it?

Thanks K! : D

Ray Mola: (@ImpostirEvil) is one of those guys you meet when you're at a 9-5er that just generally makes life more bearable. We never worked in the same department, but I was blessed to have him as a mail guy for awhile, bringing his own goofy sensibilities to the Hell that is a day job.

And then he moved up to a regular gig and I've had the good fortune to continue to know him. I think his LinkedIn is a little out of date, but if you want to jaw about movies or comic books, you could do worse than repartee with this young fella!

I look forward to talking about more people and the project itself over the coming days.

Thanks again for all you do.



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