Sunday, March 24, 2013

Double Trouble!

Hey Gang!

With contributions and specific promises this Sunday sees funding for the SSSS at 34.9%, more than twice the amount we had last week!  That is incredible.  If this trend keeps up, we'll meet the goal in two weeks.

*fingers x'd*

Please remember, though I'd love to have funding in place as soon as possible (preferably before rehearsals around May 15th), I will accept donations until the end of the project (some time in late August).  That way if you find you it's more comfortable for you to chip in later or you'd like to give me your remembrance in person, you have a much larger window to do so.  : )

Speaking of Double Trouble, let me tell you about a couple of my favorite ladies who were able to help out yesterday . . .

Clarissa Patterson aka Miss Wiggle is one of the most colorful people I know.  Her hair is always a great color, making me wistful for my crazy colored days of the past, and her tattoos are bright and fun, as is her general outlook. An avid and dedicated music fan, I think she has seen every -abilly band in SoCal driving from Redlands to points all over Los Angeles and Orange Counties to do it!

And though she was the cover girl for the 2008 Naked & Shameless release Dig Big, a tribute to all ladies large and lovely, she has since trimmed down considerably and looks just as lovely as ever!


As for the 2nd,  what can I say about Dinette Hammar?  I once asked her why she was so amazing, to which she responded: "Hello, we're the same person!"  And it's true.  I just happen to have the mutant XY chromosome combo.  Nettie is a larger-than-life fabulous golden voiced diva.  I first met her at the Surly Girl Saloon (a great Columbus bar) when she stumbled on an N&S show at a conference she was attending, and, according to her, drastically improving her opinion about Ohio. ; )

How was I to know she was also part of the duo that fronted the All-Queer All-Female What-the-F**k-abilly Band, The Mighty Slim Pickins in San Francisco?  She also led the more straight up Quarter Mile Combo to the Ink and Iron and Viva Las Vegas Festivals as a brief stint in Europe.  It was sublime to share the stage with these acts the handful of times I was fortunate enough to do so, though both have since disbanded.

Nettie and I also performed a rendition of Islands in the Stream at an Elv-O-Rama event at the Knockout (a great Mission District bar) in 2011 with Elvis Herselvis, incidentally the other half of the MSP frontline.  It was great fun and Ms. Hammar has already told me for the time she has me for her Hang Out that we're going to sing "cheesy duets nonstop."

I can't wait.

Please enjoy your Sunday.  I know I will.



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