Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Full Moon Brings Bounty

Hey y'all!

I've been getting lots of BG on pilots recently so I'm a little late on getting to this today!  : )

But I can report that, as of now, the SSSS is 38% funded!  How awesome is that!?

You did it!  You did.

Who are some of you?

Jenny Korn: is a friend you don't even know you wish you had.  She is probably the most highly developed and expressive Optimist I have ever had the pleasure to know.  And she does it without making you want to throw up in your mouth.  She is a true pioneer in the expression of gratitude.  She's also hella smart and one of the first scholars I met looking into culture, gender and society as it is reflected and reshaped in digital media and the communities formed there. 

She's also a triathlete.

Last time I ran into her was at Christmas in Vegas.

Can't wait to see where our next encounter is!

Hi Jenny!  *waves*

Schezaad Ausman: or Mo as I was introduced to him, is a young, kind man that I met on the set of a pilot a few weeks ago.  I hardly know him at all.  He friended me on Facebook and we spoke while on set and he decided that this project was something he wanted to fund.

It really touched me as I haven't known him for more than a total of probably 3 hours of conversation.  That is generosity if I've ever heard it.

What's more, from what I can tell he's a talented boy.  I have a feeling you may hear more from this young man!  Keep your eyes and ears open.

Thank you both for your generosity!

I also had a talk with the man in charge of the money (among other things) at Zoot Theatre this morning.

I will have much more to tell you on that front by the end of next week!

~stay tuned~



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